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Life-like, Natural Sound Quality

Loud and Clear

More concise, More affordable


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An Auditory Adventure
The OPPO PM-2 Planar Magnetic headphones are characterised by a distillation of the OPPO PM-1’s key acoustic and industrial design features into a more affordable price point. The PM-2 uses the same driver and the same technological breakthroughs as the PM-1, but with more concise design and accessories, for those who focus on sound and listening.
Loud and Clear
The PM-2 uses the same driver as the PM-1, and the same technological breakthroughs are present in the PM-2: the use of a unique 7-layer diaphragm, double-sided spiralling coils, and an FEM-optimised magnet system.
Powerful yet modest
Focused on the detail, the PM-2 headphone are designed for the very discerning ears.
Award Winning
    “OPPO PM-2’ sound every bit as good as they look and feel- and they look and feel superlative.”
    “It's like listening to a high-end pair of speakers.“
    “... a beautifully appointed headphone.“
    “OPPO PM-2 is one of the best portable headphones I’ve ever heard.”

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