Optimised for Mobile Use
The OPPO PM-3 has a sensitivity of 102 dB, which allows it to be easily driven with mobile devices.
PM-3 provides isolation from the outside world, blocking out the surrounding noise.
  • 102dB


Unparalleled Comfort
As the world's lightest closed-back planar magnetic headphone, PM-3 is a joy to listen to for hours on end due to its 320g weight, plush padding and carefully calibrated clamping force.
  • 320g


Elegant Design in 1 Delicate Colour
available in red stunning high quality plastic.
Material and Build Quality
The OPPO PM-3 is ruggedly constructed with strong metal and plush padding materials. The headphones have been tested to very high standards to withstand mechanical and environmental stress in order to guarantee exceptional performance throughout its lifespan. 
In-line Mic and Remote
The PM-3 is shipped with a 3 metre main cable and a 1.2 metre portable cable, as well as a portable cable for iPhone®, Android® & Windows phones®.

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