Firmware for OPPO BDP-93EU & BDP-95EU

Latest Official Firmware

Release date: 31st October, 2014

This firmware is for the OPPO BDP-93EU & BDP-95EU

Please make sure to read through the release notes before installing firmware, as it is not possible to roll back firmware to the previous version.
The player will not work properly at all unless the factory reset is done after the update. Please let the player shut down automatically after the firmware update. Once the power light goes red, wait 20 seconds then press the power button. When the screen shows "No Disc" press the set-up button on the remote. Go to Device Set-up then to Factory settings at the bottom of the list. With this highlighted press Enter. Select OK and press Enter. Wait for the player to do the reset and clear any error data from flash memory. Easy Set-up will appear once the reset has been performed. You can cancel this by pressing the left chapter key. Enter any custom settings, or use Easy Set-up to make basic player settings..

Click to download - USB Update - Firmware BDP9xEU-82-1009
Filesize (60,265,862 bytes)

Main Version: BDP9xEU-82-1009
Loader Version: CN1000
Sub Version: MCU93-09-0218 (BDP-93EU), MCU95-08-0218 (BDP-95EU)


Comparing to the previous Official release version BDP9xEU-80-0513, the major changes are:


1. Resolved a disc loading issue with several Blu-ray movies released by     Touchstone Home Entertainment. Customers reported that after loading the     disc, the player would stopped even froze at the time point "2:00:00".     Sample titles include "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" and "The Tempest".

2. Resolved a subtitle display issue with several Blu-ray movies released by     Shout! Factory studio. Customers reported that the subtitle would quickly     disappear at multiple time points. Sample titles include "The Extraordinary     Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec Director's Cut" and "Prince of Darkness".
3. Resolved an audio dropout issue with the SACD playback. Customers     reported that if an SACD was loaded after the player was turned on, a brief     audio dropout could be heard after ~2 seconds into the first track. This only     happened on the first track on the first SACD disc.
4. General disc compatibility improvement based on recent and upcoming     Blu-ray releases as well as user-submitted disc samples


All features and improvements of the previous firmware are also included in this version.




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