Understanding the differences between the PM-1 and PM-2

The OPPO PM-1 and OPPO PM-2 share the same primary physical components (including the driver, aluminium frame, removable earpad and cable design, and rotating earcups) but there are a number of changes with regard to the materials used in the construction of the two headphones, as well as with the accessories that each pair of headphones comes with.

The details below provides a comparison between the two headphones:

  PM-1 PM-2
Earpad & Headband Material Lambskin Leather Synthetic Leather
Finish on Headband Adjustment & Swivel Mechanism Glossy Matt
Chrome Trim Around Grill Metal Plastic
Silver Trim Between Earpad & Earcup Body Metal Plastic
6.35 mm Cable Construction OCC (Ohno Continuous Casting) OFC (Oxygen-Free Copper)
3.5 mm Portable Cable (OFC) Included Included
Selvedge Denim Carrying Case Included Included
Luxury Wooden Storage Box Included Not Included
Velour Earpads Included Not Included
Alternative Lambskin Leather Earpads Included Not Included


Using his extensive experience and expertise with human ears' acoustic characteristics, our acoustic designer tuned the PM-1 to sound like a live performance or high-end speaker system listened to at an optimal distance. When paired with the original lambskin leather or velour earpads, the result is a headphone that is very easy to listen to and works well with all music genres and playback devices.

Following the release of the PM-1, customers provided valuable feedback and expressed interest in increasing the treble response. Our acoustic designer responded with an alternative earpad design featuring slightly elevated treble response while maintaining excellent bass and midrange performance. This alternative design is also applied to the PM-2's earpads.

Since both headphones utilise the same driver and follow the same acoustic design principles, the PM-2's performance and sound signature are very close to the PM-1, especially when the PM-1 is paired with the alternative earpads. PM-2 owners wanting to experience the PM-1's original sound can purchase the PM-1's original lambskin earpads separately.


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